Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just in Case

In my youth, I was never a Brownie or a Guide, and I've been compensating for it ever since.

At home, I kept a little single ring gas stove for years - just in case there was a power cut.

I've always believed in weighing down my handbag with lots of useful items - just in case. Things like a magnifying glass, lighter (though I don't smoke), safety pins, miniature torch, notebook and pens, spare tissues.

On holiday I always pack plenty of just in case items - Swiss army knife and scissors, plastic cutlery, a medicine chest, more footwear than I'm likely to need, washing line and pegs, a few plastic hangers, bedside torch and other bits and bobs.

Perhaps this need to test my neck,shoulder and back muscles to the limit also comes from my imagination. Ever since I can remember, I've had characters inside my head who have ended up stranded somewhere - in the desert, in the snow, on an uninhabited island, and managed to make sure that they've taken enough items with them to keep them alive until rescued.

A new phenomenon - or at least newish as far as I'm aware - that has got me quite excited, is the torch that doesn't need batteries. Think of how fantastic that will be next time I've got someone stuck in a cave and they happen to have infinite access to a source of light!

Mind you, I sometimes forget that I'm not present in these adventures. I was in Tesco the other day and I came across one of those torches on a band, you can wear on your head. And it was of the wind-up variety. I almost bought one before realising that with the kind of life I lead, I'm unlikely to ever need it.

And when I purchased a new backpack for my swimming gear, I decided I didn't really have to stick an extra costume away in a pocket just in case I forget to take one. After all, I generally put the costume on before I leave home these days, so it just isn't necessary.

A pity that, because it would have come in handy when I went to get dressed after my swim and shower this morning and discovered that I'd left my undies at home.

Some people might be quite happy to go commando style but when, as my blogsite name reveals, you are rather top-heavy, the nipples at waist-level look doesn't flatter. And if you also suffer from slight bladder weakness, getting safely home without sneezing or coughing adds a little anxiety to the journey.

I did make it home without mishap, so my little adventure ended well. But, I think I will stick that spare costume in the bag now... and knickers and a bra - just in case.


  1. I think it's rather reassuring... If I'm going anywhere where I might need anything, then I'm taking you with me!

  2. Except, of course, when I'm carrying my swimming bag...