Thursday, 9 July 2009

I've been tagged

Thanks to my dear friend, Brian Sibley (that's him above on the right) I've been tagged with a meme based on the Alphabet. It's my first go at something like this, but here goes:-

A - Age 55 - but not for much longer.

B - Bed Size Double. I currently share it with Cuddles the Teddy Bear, Herschel the Jewish Care Bare and Elliot the Elephant

C - Chore you Hate Paying the bills.

D - Dog's Name Candy - a lovely boxer with an unwrinkled face and long nose who was our pet when I was a child. She used to wash my brothers ears and revived my grandmother, who had diabetes, when she fainted. Candy was stolen when she was around 10 months old and we never got another dog.

E - Essential Start to Your Day Turning on the PC.

F - Favourite Colour Jade.

G - Gold or Silver I tend to wear silver more.

H - Height 5' 4 1/2" - and I'm unable to wear heels higher than an inch and a half.

I - Instruments you play Qwerty keyboard - and my own vocal instrument.

J - Job Title Freelance writer and author - currently underemployed.

K - Kids Daughter Suzanne, aged 29, who lives with me.

L - Living Arrangements A chaotic spacious 2nd floor flat - one bedroom for me, one for Suzanne and one our Chinchilla Kylie lets us rent out for the PC and 2nd television.

M - Mum's Name Sadie, nee Jacobs - she's a real trooper (I'm sure my Dad agrees).

N - Nicknames Occasionally called Shazza or Sharonski and when I call my father Pops, he calls me Dops.

O - Overnight hospital stays other than birth 6 orthopaedic ops, and about half a dozen other ops.

P - Pet Peeve People without any manners - my philosophy is 'p0liteness maketh the person'.

Q - Quote from a movie I have to share with Brian, the love of 'If you can't say nuffin nice, don't say nuffin at all' (Thumper)

"Keep close to ze candles" - Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein (the candles were never lit)

Either "Savvie?" or "Oh Bugger!" - Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean (it's the way he says it)

I know it's not from a film, but of course I have to include 'You might very well think that... I couldn't possibly comment', and 'Dismal egalitarianism running rampant with the royal seal of approval' from House of Cards - delicious lines created by Andrew Davies and superbly delivered by Ian Richardson.

R - Right or left-handed Predominantly right-handed, but I'm fairly ambidextrous.

S - Sports Swimming and watching most sports - I used to play hockey and netball when I was at school and represented Strathclyde University at the Scottish Universities Championships in 1971/2 - there are four ladies in a team and there were four ladies at the club, so I was an automatic choice.

T - Time you wake up Your guess is as good as mine and certainly several times during the night.

U - Underwear More Bridget Jones than Grace Jones.

V - Vegetable you Dislike Does garlic count as a vegetable?

W - Ways you run late When I was in my last few years of school, at Hutchesons' Grammar, they were very strict generally, but certainly about punctuality and I always prefer to be early rather than late. Unfortunately, I don't always manage it these days - usually because I think I've got more time than I have.

X-rays you've had - Various.

Y - Yummy food you make Chicken soup and lockshen, plum sponge pudding.

Z - Zoo favourite - Animals that are cute, interesting and not too smelly.


  1. Enquiring minds want to know... how much longer until you'll be 55 no longer? (since Brian so obligingly told us his birthday...)

    Thanks for doing the meme! Love your companion animals. I have a quite realistic looking dog named Dog whom I think you'd like.

    Mmmm, plum sponge pudding sounds good!

  2. I like the sound of the plum sponge pudding! :-)

    Thanks for the reminder of Jack Sparrow saying "Bugger": you know what I think about the Pirates franchise, but the fact that I can hear Johnny D saying just one word in his own inimitable style is confirmation of his brilliance as a performer.

    Also saw in my mind's eye Frau Blucher and her unlit candelabra - and I heard the horses neighing hysterically whenever she made an appearance!

    As for your definition: "Animals that are cute, interesting and not too smelly," it occurs to me that that could also be applied to people!

  3. SCB - you're actually more to 'blame' than Brian for this, since you were the one who tagged him.
    3rd August - receiving copies of We Could Possibly Comment would make a perfect present, but that's being a little optimistic.
    The pudding recipe is my mother's - alas, until I lose a lot more weight, I'm unlikely to be making it.

    Brian - If you come up to Glasgow for a book launch and have followed the surgeon's instructions re becoming a bit lighter, I'll make one specially for you (and the chicken soup).

    Actually, the horses went berserk not when she made an appearance, but when anyone said 'Blucher' - Marty Feldman used to do so with great relish!

    True about animals and people.

  4. That chicken soup gets us every time! And we all think we make the best!

    But haven't you found that, no matter if you use the same recipe, no two chicken soups taste the same. I could never make mine taste like my mum's, for instance, and she taught me how to make it...

  5. Pretty much so - do you use a hen or part of a hen? When my mother made it, it was in the days when there were kosher butchers in Glasgow and she always got fresh hen, eggs and all the giblets.