Friday, 18 September 2009

Waterstone's Launch - Ian Richardson Remembered

That was the Launch, that was. Last night in Waterstone's, Argyle Street, Glasgow, more than 60 people turned up to the first launch of We Could Possibly Comment, Ian Richardson Remembered.

After some initial hiccups - like Waterstone's central hub not sending the books in time to the branch who had to borrow some of mine, and the branch being understaffed and things running a bit late (fortunately, the bottles of wine I had brought had screw tops, which was just as well, because there was a major corkscrew failure), things seemed to go swimmingly. And a fair number of books were purchased too.

So, many thanks to Will, the Events Manager, who worked like a Trojan, Leonard Esakowitz, who took lots of great photos, Margaret Thomson Davis for the lovely introduction, Mary Brown and Morag McPherson for their assistance, and every single person who took the time to come along - with special mention to Denise Chambers and Jane Murray who came through from Edinburgh.

Oh, and I rather enjoyed giving the talk too.

All photos by Leonard Esakowitz 2009


  1. Excellent! Glad (despite the hiccups)that it went well. Great event and author photos, too. Well done.

  2. Wonderful! I'm so glad it went well (despite the hiccups), and that so many people were in attendance. (And you looked fantastic.)

  3. Sorry, Brian - for some reason your other comments seem to have been wiped even though I clicked 'Publish'. Don't suppose you can remember what you wrote?

    All I need now is enough time to get a press release written and sent today - alas Rosh Hashanah is taking precedence.

  4. I got your book yesterday, finally waterstone informed me that my order was in, half way through it already, well done, some excellent picture, you be very proud of it.

  5. Hi Jo

    I'm glad that it reached you at last and that you are enjoying it.
    Yes, Waterstone's really do seem to be struggling on the distribution front.

    Which reminds me - I must find out if they've got the copies in yet that they ordered for my launch last Thursday, so that I can have the ones they borrowed from me back...