Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Choice of photo for the Cover

I've just received a Facebook message from fellow writer Gillian Philip (who won a staggering 4 first prizes for the different book categories plus a short story in her first appearance at the Scottish Association of Writers Annual Conference the year before last) saying how much she likes the cover photo for the book, We Could Possibly Comment .

Photo copyright Sam Farr for the Bath Chronicle

I suppose the temptation might have been to have used one of Ian as Francis Urquhart

or even one of the many lovely ones his wife Maroussia took of him as Dr Joseph Bell

But for me, Sam Farr's photo captures the essence of Ian as I knew him - as a very warm, caring person and a real gentleman, with a great sense of fun.


  1. Brian Sibley (having a touch of computer Gremlins) wrote:-

    No question: the warm smile and the twinkle rather than FU's cold, imperious stare. It's a great cover image.

  2. Mind you, he did use the 'Urquhart' look to good effect when he wanted to register his displeasure - as you'll remember from his recording of 'Shadowlands', when someone in the corridor was unwittingly halting proceedings and he went out and gave him an 'FU' look.