Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wimbledon - It's a Scream

I'm not surprised that Belarus tennis player Viktoria Azarenka is doing so well at Wimbledon. If I were her opponents I'd find it extremely difficult to concentrate, given the racket she makes. In fact, like my daughter and I were at home yesterday, I'd find it difficult not to be in hysterics. There are a lot of noisy players, particularly in the Ladies section but I find the wuhooooooooooo sounds emanating from her 'north and south' quite hypnotic in that kind of voyeuristic way we feel compelled to watch or listen to something unnatural (and which shouldn't be allowed.)

Meanwhile, having got back to watching more tennis this past year than I've seen for decades thanks to Andy Murray, I was suffering the angst in last night's epic match from fretting about whether or not he'd get through after being pegged back to 3-3 from having a 3-0 lead in the final set. Wawrinka was playing excellent tennis and had the first set well and truly sewn up when I had to head out to cover an event.

When I got home I was fearful that Andy might have been knocked out and was pleasantly surprised to find that the match was still going on - albeit arriving just in time to see Wawrinka clinch the fourth set. But, I should have had more faith and the Murray Magic saw him through. Let's hope he is able to win his quarter final match and more comfortably - not least for the sake of my nerves.


  1. Bizarre! I don't watch tennis - or any sport - but this is something different and might work quite well on radio!

  2. Yes, especially if there was someone at the other side of the net going wahhaaaaaaaaaa - sounds like classic radio sketch material.

  3. I should imagine that if there are dogs in the vicinity, they would be howling at her noises. I notice that she always hits the same note with the "hoooooo" part of her "wuhooooo" sound (at least in the short bit I could stand to listen to) -- perhaps she could try some variety? And somehow, it reminds me of the Earl of Blandings calling Pig-Hooooooooey! in the Wodehouse books.

    One of my "what was I thinking, giving up my TV" moments came yesterday, when I realized I couldn't have my traditional Breakfast at Wimbledon mornings in front of the TV while I watch the finals.

  4. And of course I don't suppose you can watch it live on your PC over in Canada.