Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Book has Landed

After much angst and a plethora of phone calls and Emails, the books finally arrived yesterday and I've already dispatched a few orders abroad.
What was my feeling when I saw the huge truck trying to find the building I live in? Initially, huge excitement, as I ran down the stairs to greet the driver. Then sheer exhaustion, as I mopped up the perspiration after bringing books up to my top-floor flat. Then panic, as I scrambled to get the few books I really needed to get sent to arrive by today ready. Then puzzlement, as I sat down to sign my first book - what the heck will I write and where. Now, the feeling is one of relief tinged with the sadness of knowing that my first book is this particular book because Ian is no longer with us.

In the end, I had to cart most of the order - some having been sent direct to the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick and two boxes going straight into the car - up the stairs.

I'm heading down the motorway to Derbyshire in a couple of hours with my regular Swanwick passenger, prolific author, Margaret Thomson Davis. Hopefully there will just about be enough room in the car for the two of us and all our luggage, including two large suitcases, my books, Margaret's books for sale, flyers, lots of material for the non-fiction course I'm running at the Writers' Summer School, and some refreshments for a pre-dinner little launch party.

With a bit of luck, there might just be room for Cuddles

We Could Possibly Comment - Ian Richardson Remembered - should be in the shops by the 7th September.


  1. There will be room for Cuddles -- that's why bears are made extra squishy.

    Wonderful that the book(s) arrived in time! I'm excited for you, but certainly understand the underlying sadness.

    Have a wonderful time at the Summer School!

  2. There was room for Cuddles - he sat on top of a box of books and was better able to see the view out of the windows on the journey down. But, he was a bit grumpy, as I had to leave him on his own in the car for a while when I was uhloading the vast number of pieces of luggage etc. I and my travelling companion have brought down. But, he is looking forward to meeting other bears tomorrow who have been to the Summer School before. Cuddles is what's known as a 'Swanwick Virgin' (though he hasn't been given a white badge like the other first timers.

    Re the book - the bookshop opens tomorrow, so hopefully a few copies might be sold.


    Ian would be very proud of you! You've done a terrific job and Ian's many admirers will thank you! The book looks absolutely terrific and I hope a lot of people at Swanick will tell you so and buy copies...

  4. Congratulations! Hope all goes well at Summer School and that you sell out all copies and Cuddles travels home in style!

  5. Brian
    Many thanks for the comments - anyone who reads the book will realise that Brian played a very big part in it coming to fruition.
    Needless to say, I would be rather pleaseed to sell some copies here too!

    Diva/Mandy - thanks for your good wishes too. Your other comment seems to have disappeared (unless it's on a previous blog). When is/was your birthday?