Monday, 10 August 2009

Cuddles makes a friend

In my last Blog, I mentioned that Cuddles, my extremely huggable Teddy Bear, is with me here at The Swanwick Writers' Summer School for the first time, having being adopted by me en route home from last year's school.

Well, I had a little gathering of friends in my huge three-bedded room before dinner yesterday to herald the arrival of We Could Possibly Comment - Ian Richardson Remembered

and as well as having the pleasure of signing a copy for friend and author of 41 books, Margaret Thomson Davis,

Cuddles (below, left) made a friend -Buttons the Bear, who had been brought along by his 'Mum', writer and dramatist, Joyce Ward. Whilst the mostly female gathering was knocking back the wine, the two bears were having a great time together and even agreed to have their photo taken with me (anything for a bit of publicity).

Apparently, there are several bears in attendance at Swanwick this year and a Teddy Bear Picnic will hopefully be arranged later in the week.


  1. Nice to see the bears having a good time but are they part of your book-buying public? ;-)

  2. Oooh, it's lovely to see the books and flyers all spread out like that! Sounds like you had a great friends-launch, and I'm so glad that Cuddles has made a friend (as soon as I learned Cuddles was accompanying you, I was hoping there'd be a Picnic!). (I love bears...)

    Hope the Summer School continues to be wonderful.

  3. Brian - good point. Hopefully Buttons (gosh, that's getting to be such a common name) will remind his owner that she said she'd buy a copy.

    As for Cuddles, I'm thinking of putting him in the foyer with a few copies of the book and a sign saying 'Please buy, or Sharon will be forced to send me out to work.'

    Thanks for the good wishes, SCB - I do hope the School continues to be highly enjoyable - even after I deliver the first part of my course, tomorrow morning.

  4. Super photo of you with Cuddles and Buttons! You look thinner and younger than your profile photo here led me to believe. That top is a fantastic colour on you too!

    Wish I could join your teddy bears picnic - but I'll be teaching magic and balloon modelling at Covent Garden on Saturday which will no doubt be the day of the frolics as they always seem to be on Saturdays....

  5. Well, I had lost a little weight before I went to Swanwick. Yes, sometimes I really like myself in bright clothes like that and others, I tend to think I look like a giant space hopper.

    The Teddy Bears' Picnic was great fun, with 12 bears and owners present - and we were each presented with new bears from a lucky dip. The photos are on my Facebook Wall, and I'll put some in a post Swanwick Blog when I get a minute.

    Hope your session at Covent Garden (what a setting) goes well tomorrow.