Sunday, 30 August 2009

Slowly but surely

It's just over 3 weeks since I received my copies of the book and I've sold about a sixth of my quota to date. There's a charity coffee morning launch on the 23rd September and I'm just waiting for confirmation of a launch at Waterstones in Argyle Street, Glasgow on Thursday the 17th September. All being well, my local library will be holding an author event too.
So, things seem to be moving slowly in the right direction. The book seems to be in and out of the Amazon charts like a yo yo and the bookshops still haven't got copies in yet, but hopefully it won't be long.
As for feedback, amongst the comments I've had, are:
"It's great - much better than any biography. No dull details, no cheap gossip. Captures beautifully the times, the atmosphere and most of all - Ian's personality. A book not only for those who loved and admired Ian, but for any theatre lovers. Wonderful. " - Israela Shatsky-Greenbaum
"I enjoyed it very much - he certainly was a fascinating character, and so well regarded by his fellow actors. Celia Imrie talks about the naughty glint in his eye, so I looked again at the front cover - and she's right!" - Dr Ann MacLaren
And it has prompted Doug from York, who described it as 'excellent', to buy the House of Cards Series on DVD - which delighted me, as part of the reason for writing the book, was to remind people that there' s a wealth of superb performances available to be viewed.
Now all I need is some positive national press coverage.


  1. Hello Sharon,
    I'm just reading your book and agree completely with the first comment you quote.
    I was bowled over by Ian Richardson's perfmance as Coriolanus in 1967 and can still recall his marvellous voice cutting the air like a sword in the lines:
    "Your dishonour
    Mangles true judgement, and bereaves the state
    Of that integrity which should become it."
    On the basis of this experience I decided to take English as an A-level subject, which led to reading English at university and all that has follwed, so that I can truly say that it was a pivotal event in my life. I regret that I did not let Ian Richardson know what this performance meant to me.
    I could't get enough of the RSC after this and saw him in Julius Caesar, Pericles, the Merry Wives of Windsor, Measure for Measure, Richard II and the (original) Hollow Crown. Vintage productions.
    I missed out completely on his TV work and was way out of range of the BBC when "House of Cards" was broadcast. I shall probably be another of your readers who turns to the DVD as I belatedly rectify this.
    Once again congratulations, and thanks for such a professional but lovingly perepared tribute to Ian Richardson.

  2. Hello Liz

    Welcome to the Blog! Many thanks for your lovely comments. It is tremendously reassuring to know that the book is appreciated by the people it was principally aimed at - those who derived so much pleasure from his performances and from knowing him.
    I'm so sorry that I missed out on seeing his wondrous RSC performances. I've got a few exercpts he and Dickie Pasco performed when Richard II was in the States, the Midsummer Night's Dream and Marat Sade tapes and saw A Comedy of Errors recording at the BFI. And of course the recent Hollow Crown productions and his Seven Ages of Man.
    But it doesn't come close to actually having seen him live in a Shakespeare play.

  3. Hi there,

    remember me from Flickr,
    i'm getting your book as a present for my birthday next week, i can't wait.
    I've been watching Poerthouse Blue on the channel yesterday for the past few days, have you?
    brilliant programme

  4. Of course I remember you, Jo - you're the talented artist.

    I wasn't aware they were showing Porterhouse - glad to hear it.

    Hope you enjoy your birthday - and the book.

  5. It's a great tribute to the book that it is already sending people back (or, maybe, for the first time) to Ian's work. A real achievement of which you can be proud.

  6. Many thanks, Brian - I've been both delighted and humbled by the feedback I've received.