Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Teddy Bear Tale

When I travelled down to Derbyshire just over a week ago to attend The Writers' Summer School , I took one teddy bear, Cuddles, with me. I only took him because there were two bears in attendance last year and they both assisted with courses. Also, I'd also promised Cuddles that he'd meet up with Buttons (below on right)

and Maple, who proved to be a great course assistant to his owner, Zana Lamont.

As I mentioned in my last Blog, an inaugural Teddy Bears' Picnic was organised and on Wednesday, Cuddles joined 11 other bears for a party. Indeed, he and Buttons were chosen as team captains whilst bear owners took part in a relay race.

Before our picnic, the Bears lined up for a photoshoot

And then let their owners join them.

After a lovely picnic of ginger beer, little jam sandwiches, baby biscuits and (naturally) honey, all the owners had a lucky dip and each received a parcel containing a brand new bear.

I got a lovely yellow teddy, I've called Mellow and she and Cuddles instantly hit it off. In fact, they hit it off so well, that by the next day, I got a third teddy bear - a lovely little fellow I've named Nick Swan. And I thought that rabbits were quick breeders!

True, some of my friends presented Nick to me on Thursday evening as a 'thank you' for the course I'd run. But in truth, I think that was a cover-up to try and save Mellow's reputation. And it appears that Nick is a very special bear, because within a couple of hours of entering my life, I won the raffle for a free place at next year's summer school (the second time I've had lucky tickets in 4 years). I reckon Nick must have brought me the good luck.

So, having set off with Cuddles, just under a week later, I returned home with a readymade teddy bear family.

And they're all looking forward to next year's Writers' Summer School Teddy Bears' Picnic.

You don't have to be on the 'mad' side to be a writer - but it helps.


  1. What kind of stories do they write? Are they about one another or their human 'pets'?

  2. Ohhhhhhh! I love the new members of the family -- Cuddles must be so pleased and proud! Nick Swan is a sweetie-bear, and Mellow is a delight (if a little hasty in the producing baby bears department -- but Nick is a love, so it's all right!)

    And congratulations on winning the free place! Yay for you!

  3. Having just returned from the Summer School, they are all enthused, but they are keeping their works in progress under wraps until completed.

    What I forgot to mention about the party was that all the participants - bears and humans - sang 'Teddy Bear Picnic' all the way through - a capello - and did it pretty well.

    Yes, Cuddles is extremely pleased - although Herschl and Elliott are a bit miffed - and he's having to make sure that they and all the others aren't neglected by their human 'pet', Sharon.

    As for Mellow, she's now on the Pill.

    If you count 2010, I'll only have paid the full cost of a week once in five visits, which can't be bad.